04 February, 2010

Coat of Arms

Heraldry is a tradition passed down for many generations in many different cultures, the most well known being the Traditions of the British Isles. That very tradition has passed into American Culture as well, and I have always been fascinated with Heraldic tradition. I have many times in the past been mesmerized with the Family Crest associated with my family… however I know enough to know that the crest is presented to a person and can pass from male heir to heir… but that in most cases does not represent an entire family.

Using my limited artistic ability, and my fascination, I have designed a personal Coat of Arms for myself. Though it is not as elaborate as most, it does contain elements that fully represent me. The Crest is that of a moon going through phases, symbolising that throughout life, we do indeed transform. The Mantle is that of the Magnolia, my favourite flower, and a symbol of my home. The Motto is Latin for “By wisdom and courage.” Within the shield itself you have the two flags representing heritage, the union jack and the American flag. You have three blue stars representing the three stages in human life (Male: Warrior, Father, and Sage… Female: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.) The stars also represent the Heavens divided from earth by a red chevron, chosen because it is my favourite colour. You then have three symbols chosen specifically by me… an Ankh representing everlasting life… a frog representing my animal totem and once again transformation… and the Eye of Horus symbolising protection and power.

I believe that while tradition is important, it is also just as important to be yourself and to represent yourself in unique ways. While I am not by any means an artist, I tried to accomplish my own sense of individuality… I feel I was successful, and whilst it is not perfect… it does represent me.


String said...

I always wanted to do that! Great exercise in personl symbolism! Hey I dreamed about you two nights ago! We were singing at some gig! (trying to harmonize) it was pretty funny!

uncertainhorizon said...

You are so artistic... I am suprised that you haven't already.

I'm going to message you about the dream.... That is funny!

Halcyon said...

Very creative! I wouldn't even know where to begin on a coat of arms!

uncertainhorizon said...

So good to see you E. Thank you for your comments!


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