03 February, 2010

Katrina Ruins

Water is one of the most magickal elements on earth. It exists in such a wonderful abundance, and it is where all like sprang forth unto the land. However it is also a destructor, it can take just as many lives. Mississippi has seen more than it’s share of death and destruction from water, Hurricane Katrina being one of them. There are still Hurricane Ruins on the Mississippi coast, and elsewhere. This is the remains of the Presidents Casino, just ruins along the beach, it stands as a testament to the destructive power that is water.

Water may destroy, but from that destruction comes new life… it is this that we need to nourish after such events. Hope can never fail, we must never allow that. There are still people on the Mississippi Coast without permanent homes post-Katrina, if you would like to help visit AdoptaKatrinaFamily.org.

This Post was a Retro-Thursday post on 8-25-11.



Cathy said...

Hello Grant
I have to agree its a haunting reminder of a terrible disaster the was experienced by everybody in your area - you will have to remind me how long it is since that hurricane went through. I vaguely remember the wordwide news reporting and the problems of the residents but can't bring to mind which year it happened.
Did the company who owned the casino leave them there on purpose for that reason or was there another reason.
Take care

uncertainhorizon said...

I believe the presidents Casino abandoned the site... some of the others rebuilt or sold... it is slowly coming together. The Katrina was August, 2005.

afv said...

I'm a water person myself and that's why it makes me a beach bum. :)

uncertainhorizon said...

The best beaches in Mississippi are on the Barrier Islands... like Ship Island.

Jo said...

What devastation Katrina wrought. Your post brings it all back to me although I only saw it and the horror on the news.


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