17 February, 2010


In December of 2008 I moved, and the cats that I loved and lived with for four years remained with my former room mate. I have missed the creatures in my life, I have my frog Georgia, but it is not the same, and for over a year I longed for the purr of a cat. Now since my move last week, I find myself with some new fur-friends, and I am pleased. There is no love like love sent from a fur friend, unconditional and ever lasting. When I snapped this photo of “Killer” he was playing with my feet, and then he realized I was taking photos… and started posing. He and I will get along well!


Jo said...

Hi Grant;) what a beautiful cat. Did he just arrive on your doorstep or did you go out and choose him? I'm glad you have a purr near you again. Thanks for the offer to send me a package here in Sudan but it wouldn't work through the postal services. Thanks again, a very sweet thought. Bless you.

Jacob said...

First of all, thanks for your comment on Ocala DP!

I'm so glad that you got another furry friend. They are indispensable, I think, to a good life.

We no longer have a cat (have had many over the years) but have an 11-year old Golden Retriever with a heart of gold.

Best wishes and thanks again!


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