12 February, 2010


Substantial snow in Mississippi does not happen all too often. This year has been as exception, at least two light dustings. However today is the exception to this rule, about 5 inches have fallen… and it is still falling. People in Mississippi are in awe at this winter weather, it is a treat for most… allowing for snowball fights and snowmen, things that we just do not get to do here. In fact the last time I have seen snow like this was 2001 and 1998…



String said...

Is that your snowman!!! ;-)

Manang Kim said...

I agree some places that I haven't heard to have lesser snow had so much this winter. Unlike here in MI where we do really expect it but for me we don't have that much unlike last year. Great photo you've got here. Thanks for sharing!

Romantic Sunset

Tarun Mitra said...

good photos and cute ice man

uncertainhorizon said...

Yes sting, it is my snowman.

@Manang Kim I do believe it could be part of Climate Change/Global Warming. I tend to think that bizarre weather is a symptom of such.

Thank you Tarun Mitra.

afv said...

What a blue and white world you have there G. It's so cool.

Cathy said...

Hello there
Now I see what you meant in the comment about having snow.
That is one of the nicest winter photos I've seen this year - it looks like a quiet suburban steet, the heavy sky and the snow on the trees and I'm assuming you used a filter to get the blue effect which gives it all a spooky effect
As its obviously not a yearly happening did life go on as usual or did it play havoc with transport etc?
Take care
Take care


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