29 April, 2010

Reaching Out

It is amazing how time flows… it seems like just yesterday we were at the dawn of a new decade, and now the year is nearly half finished. So many things change, and so fast… it never ceases to amaze me. Time to me is like a river, you can’t stop it and occasionally you hit rapids or pick up people on the banks! The Mississippi River is the most important River in the United States, and here it is flowing under the I20 and Old Hwy 80 Bridges in Vicksburg, MS.

Many of you have heard about the Tornado’s that devastated my home state last week. I would like to report that I am well, my city was not affected, however Yazoo City and surrounding areas about 30 miles north were devastated, if you would like to help please visit Here and Here.

We also have another series of storms moving in this week, hopefully nothing as severe as those last week.

22 April, 2010

Scheme of Things

There are moments where we are suddenly snapped to the realization that we are small in the scheme of things, and no matter how massive we are in our own world… overall it’s not that much. I got this when I saw this couple staring at the barges along the Mississippi River in Vicksburg, MS… The size of the river, and the boats, set against the couple in a loving almost futile embrace of protection against the evils of the world, inspired the above thought.


16 April, 2010

The Res

I can list on one hand the amount of lakes and ponds that I have seen that were not man made, it is not many. Most lakes and such in Mississippi are the result of the damming of a river and the creation of a reservoir, such as the Ross Barnett Reservoir as seen here from the Natchez Trace. I feel that they man made reservoirs provide a double edges sword, many are not used effectively for flood prevention, as they were intended and therefore only serve the purpose of emergency water supply. However they are beautiful and provide a wonderful scene for many photos, and just for fun. Nothing like soaking up the sun and enjoying a beautiful day!


14 April, 2010

Monument to the Immigrant

America is a country built from immigrants, and the "Monument to the Immigrant” in New Orleans immortalizes this fact. I know a bit about my history, my ancestors on my fathers side immigrated from England before the American Revolution, my mothers side is a bit more complicated and murky, with native American influences and nationalities that I am uncertain of. Throughout my day I see faces, few of which are native to the North American Continent, and I wonder what tribulations brought their ancestors here, and I wonder the same about mine. What decisions that long ago caused them to want to cross an ocean to a land that was new. Was it the opportunity for a new life, or escaping from some injustice…. I wonder if they found what they were looking for, or if it left them homesick. Either way they were brave people, and need to be remembered.

13 April, 2010


This photo was a sudden idea, a thought… I saw an opportunity and I took the opportunity, and in one moment as become one of my favourite photos I have ever had the chance to take. When I took this photo I was walking along the Natchez Trace, on a trail behind the Boyd Site that led to the disused North Old Canton Road, conversing with nature. When you are alone, surrounded by trees and the sounds of the world around you, it reminds you how connected you are with the world and how precious it really is. Every tree, rock, animal, cloud, and person are connected; we share this little blue dot as we traverse around the sun, we may tend to forget this; come what may, we are in this together.

12 April, 2010


Spring is fully on its way out in Mississippi, the small spring and endless summer with (usually) mild winters, is what we are used to. After our unusually frigid winter, we are embracing the warmer weather, but with swimming pools set to open by the end of the month, the heat will soon be unbearable. However in the meantime the flowers are in bloom, bathing fields in colour of many shades. This is a scene I have never seen in my life, that is until today… a field of nothing but yellow flowers as far as the eye could see. It was breathtaking (and I don’t mean just because of the pollen.) The flowers are these small waxy yellow wildflowers that are common through the area, though I have never seen them in such a concentration.

10 April, 2010

Shadows of the Night

Scenery can take many shapes, from wonderful sunlit trees, to silhouettes in the early morning dark of urban landscapes. I have often seen this very scene throughout my daily activities, and once before I even snapped a similar photo on my camera phone, but it was a less advanced phone than the one I currently have. I’ve always been mesmerized by aeroplanes and air travel, I feel privileged on a daily basis to work so closely to these modern marvels.

Scenic Sunday

08 April, 2010

The Great Lucky Penny Search!

My mother started me a coin collection when I was young, we collected US coins and a few foreign (our definition of Foreign at the time was Mexico and Canada.) Since I have grown older it has grown to encompass many countries and more than just coins. I always loved how a currency can tell you so much about a country, and how they are works of art within themselves. However unlike some, I never placed any superstition or “luck” to a particular coin, until last year. On 26-March-2009 when I was in the UK, I received a random 1 penny, and I decided that it was lucky, and this penny never left my sight. Well that is until today, when at some point I lost my lucky penny. I am unsure of how or where, but I do know that it is gone, so I am on the lookout for a new lucky penny. Now I could raid my coin collection or use a US penny, but that would not be the same… I don’t feel that any of those could be my new lucky penny…. So I am reaching out to the world for help. If you would like to send me a new lucky penny, just let me know I will get you my address…. I am also willing to send one in return if you like…

06 April, 2010


There are a few things that I have forgotten, some things just tend to go away after a while… waiting to come back into your memory, usually when least expected. I remember that when I was little, there was a wisteria growing outside the back door of my house. This was not forgotten; I walked past it a million times, as it grew along our fence with its purple hanging grape-like flowers etching themselves into my memory. The smell, that is what was forgotten, I was only reminded of this when I got out of my truck today and the wind blew the sweet scent in my direction. It caused me to pause, and my memory was suddenly flooded with memories that contained that smell… it was a bit overwhelming… I was shocked that I had forgotten that the wisteria even had a scent, and now it is one of my favourite scents…

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01 April, 2010


We were walking in the warm spring air, hoping not to get covered in yellow pollen, when we happened upon this toad stalking for his night meal. You could not really see him; all you saw at first were eyes. He was very friendly; he even consented to being petted without hopping away. I love these warm nights, although it is a precursor to the heavy hot summer days, those I am not looking forward to… but they are close.


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