30 May, 2010


People struggle for civil rights, and have done so since the beginning of time. We all wish to be treated with the same rights as everyone else, and alas it is not always the case that freedom is bestowed upon us all. Equality is a rare flower that grows in an unreachable place, always out of reach for many… guarded by the few. Only when we are all equal in one another’s eyes, and hate is erased… will we find peace with one another. It does not matter what we look like, who we love, or what we believe, differences need to be celebrated!

I took this photo in support of the NOH8 Campaign and the lovely work they have been doing!

21 May, 2010


Clouds have been rolling in across Mississippi, scattered showers are expected… with the sun peeking out occasionally. Life is like that in many ways, we just have to keep a look out for the sun peeking… and take the clouds as they come, after all clouds can be quite beautiful… if you really want them to be.


The Gift

I was always interested in art, as this rare surviving drawing from my childhood proves. It was done in 1998 when I was 13 years old; I had seen a documentary on Picasso and was inspired to do my own cubist interpretation. At the time it was just an experiment, crayon on paper and my imagination gone wild. I had not had any training or for that matter much of an education in the arts yet. It and one other drawing from my childhood survive through the foresight of pure luck, most things were lost in 2000 when our home was foreclosed upon and we were only able to take what we could get. The fact that it and one other survive my childhood is in it self a gift, also the name of the piece.

20 May, 2010


Many states and countries can tout of beauty fair,
with their large cities where people hurry past,
or snowcapped mountains rising far on high.

Most people who visit are unaware,
and many consider us last,
they can not see the greatness in front of their eyes.

From the Gulf of Mexico to the fertile delta land,
To tall homes of Natchez and the somber battlefields of Vicksburg,
the swamps and rivers sing as the hills in the north bloom.

Our people greet you with an open hand,
warm friendship under the song of the mockingbird,
sharing sweet tea near the fresh picked magnolia in our living room.

I look around under the warm sun,
At the beauty that can be found.
I know that no justice can be done,
For this sacred fertile ground.

The one named for a river wide and strong,
Mississippi where I belong.

Photo: The Mississippi State Capital, in Jackson.

19 May, 2010

1,000 Words

Part of the Wordless Wednesday!

The 'O'

America is full of many different restaurant chains, and I always had my preferences. I always loved O’Charley’s, the food is pure Americana, and the people always seem to be genuinely friendly. I always wondered why people I have known seemed to love to work for the company. It was not until February 2009 when I found employment with the restaurant that I discovered just how special my O’Charley’s is, we are a family. I always hope that others find a place that is as fun and supportive a place to work, I am lucky to have two wonderful jobs.

My O’Charley’s is at

430 Riverwind Drive
Pearl, MS 39208-5900
(601) 932-6575

Come eat with us sometime!

17 May, 2010

Being Human

Sometimes we have to separate ourselves from the world around us. We need to shed all that holds us down, and step out into our own. We are not defined by the status quo; we are the rebels, the revolutionaries, the ones that make a difference. We rise above the others, and do our own thing… that is the essence of being human.

04 May, 2010


Things do not always go as planned.


Ok, It is fine now…. It should not take 45 minutes to go two miles, but things are not always perfect.

This is a lesson we should all take….

Count to 10, and breathe.

It will be ok.

03 May, 2010

Tree of Ages

People call it a family tree… and its branches stretch out far around the one at the bottom, you the combination of all the people above. They all move through your veins, a piece of them forever a part of you, something to give to your children, a part of you that will not become part of the ages. They may not know the details of your life, your mundane activities, and if they search, you may simply lead to questions… but you will be there, the twinkle in their eye… their dimples, you will exist.

I learned this as I have recently been tracing my family history, and like this tree, my roots are deeper in Mississippi than I ever imagined… in fact I have to go back generations to leave the state on either side of my family. Granted my roots are not in Pascagoula at the mouth of the river, but this tree and I still have much in common. And as the oil from the worst industrial disaster to ever face our area looms, I hope that this and many other coastal areas make it through un-harmed. I hope they get this under control, this world is all we have, and we need to take care of it.


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