19 May, 2010

The 'O'

America is full of many different restaurant chains, and I always had my preferences. I always loved O’Charley’s, the food is pure Americana, and the people always seem to be genuinely friendly. I always wondered why people I have known seemed to love to work for the company. It was not until February 2009 when I found employment with the restaurant that I discovered just how special my O’Charley’s is, we are a family. I always hope that others find a place that is as fun and supportive a place to work, I am lucky to have two wonderful jobs.

My O’Charley’s is at

430 Riverwind Drive
Pearl, MS 39208-5900
(601) 932-6575

Come eat with us sometime!


String said...

I love this photo!

uncertainhorizon said...

Thank You String, that is my friend and co-worker, Kathy, behind the counter there.

Mel said...

Okay.....seriously--LOOKS like a fun place to land.

And if you can't enjoy what you're doing and the folks you're doing it with--it becomes serious UNfun work.
I think I'd like O'Charley's! Undoubtedly the attitude goes straight to the person at the table and THAT is the best experience anyone could ask for.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just saw the pic! I will be preserved forever. TY Grant, my lil Bro Keep on with your postings I LOVE reading them!


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