21 May, 2010

The Gift

I was always interested in art, as this rare surviving drawing from my childhood proves. It was done in 1998 when I was 13 years old; I had seen a documentary on Picasso and was inspired to do my own cubist interpretation. At the time it was just an experiment, crayon on paper and my imagination gone wild. I had not had any training or for that matter much of an education in the arts yet. It and one other drawing from my childhood survive through the foresight of pure luck, most things were lost in 2000 when our home was foreclosed upon and we were only able to take what we could get. The fact that it and one other survive my childhood is in it self a gift, also the name of the piece.


Kiki said...

What a beautiful treasure...gorgeous and powerful! You always have such touching stories to share! I love it! Have you ever wanted to do art again now? More treasures would come forward! I too love art and am untrained/selftaught and i like t that way..I appreciate that natural essence in art that a person holds within ..i think it is powerful! thanks for sharing your beautiful art!

uncertainhorizon said...

I do paint some. I also do beadwork, acting, and of course photography. I have more artwork from a little later than this one, but only one from before, and it dates back to 1993-94... when Jurassic Park came out... it is a velociraptor. :-)

Mel said...

Yesterday, as I was going through boxes of 'stuff', I found several crayon pictures a 7 year old drew for me.
I think I'll gift them forward, now that she's got her own 1 year old. I know none of my childhood art survived the fire--and somehow, I know she'll treasure the treasure.

Very cool for 13. Very cool to have an artistic ability. This from a woman who can't draw a stick person! LOL

Buddhattitudes said...

I do love arts too and it is such a shame that I didn't pay attention to it...You are gifted and pursuing what our hearts want is very important...a lesson I've learned now.


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