07 June, 2010


It is time to open our eyes; we have been in the dark too long. We have put the blame of the Deep Horizon oil disaster on BP, the company that commissioned the drilling. We blame them, and spit venomous words in the direction of the company, even to the point of boycotting them. We grow disheartened that the disaster is getting worse, wondering why nothing is being done. The fact is that BP has done more than most companies would have done, they admitted the mistake immediately and have been working to fix the disaster, when was the last time a company did that? The truth is I see the fault not solely on BP, disasters will happen; it could have easily been Exxon, Shell, or any other company and it could have happened at any time.

You see, we don’t want to turn the finger in; each of us shares the blame for this disaster. I’m betting that most of you have forgotten when US gas prices soared to $4.00 a gallon; it seems to me that everyone has forgotten. The call at the time on all political fronts was “more Drilling,” “Reduce the need for foreign oil,” and my personal favorite “Drill baby, drill.” We then went about our merry way in our cars and trucks, drinking from our plastic containers changing nothing. You see, we are a greedy people, possibly more than any other nation on Earth, we like the status quo and we fight change.

Well, now we have an unprecedented disaster on our hands and that very resource we covet is costing lives of our animals and polluting our Gulf. Like I said, we blame this on BP and their inability to fix it, well they will get it fixed and we will clean up, and then like the $4.00 a gallon gas we will forget about it… at least until it happens again.

NO! We can not allow this to happen again, we as people need to turn our fingers inward and realize that we have a hand at this very disaster. It is as much our fault as it is BP’s and we need to do something to keep it from happening again. I will tell you that Boycotting one company will not do it; there are many others in its place. We need to change our ways, we need legislation to force companies to move us to renewable resources, and reduce our need for oil completely. We need to offer tax credits to individuals and companies that utilize green resources such as solar panels and hybrid vehicles, and eventually make it law. We also need to make recycling the law, no longer an option; you see those plastic containers are a product of oil.

The answers are clear, we can not place blame on anyone until we ourselves realize that we have as much fault in this disaster as anyone else. We as a people need to change our ways, or be prepared to accept the consequences of our actions, the time is now before it is too late. Mississippi and the USA need to take a more active role in passing Green Legislation regardless of Big Oil, and we need to shut big oil down completely. We can no longer allow these companies to build wealth by destroying what we hold dear, and only when we stop the demand will the fault no longer lie on us.


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