07 July, 2010

A Few Simple Rules...

It would be so much easier if life came with an instruction booklet, unfortunately it does not, our best hope for learning about what we are going through is through the words and advice of others… this is the best we can hope for, never turn it away… just because you think it does not apply to you does not mean you can not use the wisdom.

Never give pass up the chance to tell someone that you care for that you love them, you never know when you might regret that missed chance.

Instrumental excluded, listen to the words of every song that you hear at least once, just because you are not a fan of the Genre does not mean that the words will not relate to you. Songs are basically just poetry set to music, and all poetry deserves due consideration, delving into someone else’s thoughts can give you insight into your own.

Never turn down a trip somewhere away from where you spend the most of your time, getting out into the world will allow you to appreciate and expand upon what is in your little corner.

Always keep a valid passport. You never know when you might need it, and in some cases it may be your escape in a time of need.

Never limit the people that come into your life simply because they are a different colour, religion, sexuality, nationality, or anything. Doing so severely limits your access to people that could potentially change your life. You never know what they have to offer, or what you may offer them.

Never dwell that you are less fortunate than those around you, and on the same aspect never allow yourself to believe that you are better than anyone else because you have more than others. Possessions are simply material things, and while they are nice… they are not everything. Be grateful for what you do have, and allow that to radiate through you.

Never be afraid to admit ignorance and weakness on any subject, doing so will open yourself up to a learning experience, and allow you to grow as a person.

Do not allow yourself to be angry at a person for any extended period of time, anger can easily turn to resent and hate and slowly eat away at your being. It is important to quickly file away these experiences and move forward with forgiveness. Remember you never have to forget, but that is totally different from forgetting to forgive.

Even if you are no longer with the person that you were once in a relationship with, always keep photographs and love letters, these are mementos from a time that should not be forgotten. They should not be dwelled upon either, there is a time to move forward and meet another person, but it never hurts to remember times past and people past. In the same aspect never throw away old Christmas cards and birthday cards, or any cards in general, these are precious and should always be kept close to your heart.


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