28 August, 2010

The Value of Humanity

Mississippi is a product of a conflicted past. Marked with glory, chivalry, as well as inhuman brutality; the same can be said for the entire southern United States that made up the Slave States and the Confederate States of America. It amazes me to see relics of the old south, the plantation homes, (Such as Rosalie in Natchez, Mississippi in the photo.) the elegance and wealth that was the Old South. However if you look deeper the truth is easily known, no matter how beautiful or elegant it was… it was built on the backs of people that were not considered people. While I believe that dwelling on past horrors is futile, we must not forget what was done; and we must stop it from happening again. Right now Slavery still exists in some parts of the world, either in the open or behind closed doors, we need to all work together and end this. That is the only way to redeem the sins of the past.


25 August, 2010

F is for....

FOUNTAIN. This beautiful fountain featuring playful cherubs is in Natchez, Mississippi. One of the oldest cities in Mississippi, it was founded in 1716 by the French. Natchez then went on to serve as the capitol for many countries and colonies before finally becoming part of Mississippi. Spared from damage in the Civil War, the city is a jewel in the south, with many historical buildings and homes still existing. Natchez is possibly the only surviving southern belle.




Part of the Wordless Wednesday!

Fresh Eyes

There are many times in our lives that are wonderful and yet tainted by so many things. Sadly we do not get a chance to do things over, we simply have to move on and know that things happen for a reason. What we forget is that we can do things anew, nothing stops us from taking a fresh look at something or dipping our feet back in the same ocean… things change.

Tower Bridge stands in London, it stands as a symbol for many in the UK, and the world. For me it is one of these places, and I know that someday I will get a chance to make new memories, and remove the taint that exists for me…. To see it with new eyes.


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