23 October, 2010

Accidental Collection

I never meant to start a collection of postcards… it started innocent, I joined a facebook group for people that liked postcards. Suddenly people started asking me to send them postcards to add to their collection, and they sent me one in return. Before long my collection started to grow, and then I discovered postcrossing, and I became an addict. It is all innocent fun though, I get a glimpse into another’s world, and they get a glimpse into mine…. All with a small 4x6 image with some words on the back.

Mississippi Postcards

05 October, 2010

The Return

The second time in my life I ventured into the city that at many points in history was the capitol of 25% of the planet, including what would become Mississippi. I walked among its beautiful streets, mingled with its inhabitants… and forgot about everything that would be waiting for me when I returned. I allowed myself to get lost, and to forget the sins of the past.

You see I went to London for a second chance, a chance to erase some of the feelings from long ago. I needed it for me, and the catharsis that I received from being there was a perfect experience. It allowed me to shed the cloud that followed me and to move on… to something new.


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