17 November, 2010


Things are not always strictly what they appears to be when you first look at them. It takes further inspection to look into things and see more of the details that exist within. We often forget to look, and truly see. We are all guilty of this sin… I challenge you all to look at something you see everyday, really look at it. You may be surprised at things you forgot were there, or you never noticed before.

This frog is an interpretation of the Froggie that is on my foot. It is a line drawing in the style of few I have done in the past, they are very time consuming.

This is Postcard Postcard: US-909504 on Postcrossing.


magiceye said...

beautiful work!!

Mel said...

It is beautiful work.
And I hear the message contained in what you shared.
I know I've chosen to brand some things as 'bad' lately in my life--a luxury I can't truly afford.

Thank you.
I'll look past my own limited vision.......

PostMuse said...

This is beautiful. I always admire this sort of drawing and I've tried it myself, but not with any success. My boyfriend has the patience and skill, but he rarely draws.

Just the other day I was out looking at the dead remains of my gardens, and thinking they look quite beautiful. I may try to take some photos and turn those into postcards.

P.S. I like your Postcrossing user name ... which is how I found your blog. I'm Zmrzlina on Postcrossing (and PostMuse ... and 5 other profiles, but I don't use them anymore).

bfarr said...

Very interesting bit of art and an insightful commentary.


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