29 December, 2010


Yes, these are my feet… tucked away in my DC’s surrounded by the leaves that have fallen from the trees.   Simplicity is the way to go on occasion, forget the over details that can sometimes take control, and leave us with less than we began with.   Simplicity, sometimes can be what we need, just enough… more than most…

27 December, 2010


Another Christmas season has come and gone, and we are on the cusp of yet another new year. A whole new beginning, something that we get everyday but on a grander scale every year and decade, it is up to us individually what we make of these constant new starts. Every day across the planet there are people that are held back for various reasons: economic, health, war. Then there are people that forget, we forget that there are still in need, people all over the world… and even in our own cities. Although Christmas is over, we still can not allow ourselves to become complacent. Please still consider giving to charities of your choice, throughout the year. Christmas may come once a year, but people don’t stop needing after Christmas ends.

Charities that I Endorse and Support:








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