28 February, 2011

The Road Avoided

The road before isn’t always the easiest road, the bend and tribulations are what make the trip worth while. When we begin the journey, we are one person, and when we arrive at our destination, we become someone completely different.

This is a road I avoided for a long time; it is Airport Road in Mendenhall Mississippi. I am not going to say the reasons I have avoided it, but it took me four years to traverse its beautiful stretches. I made the trip finally, and learned a few things about myself that I had been avoiding, and found what I was looking for.

Now what to do with that?

07 February, 2011

Always Remember

I don’t pretend to know why things happen… I don’t know why things turn out the way they do. That is not for me to even worry about, or waste time even entertaining the idea.

I like to pretend that I do understand the way the world works, or even that I know what happened that night. Why I acted the way I did, and I wonder what your thoughts were… what went through your mind… Did you think of me? Was that why you were there? If I had done anything differently…. Would you still be here?

I don’t know…

But you will forever be a part of who I am.

I will never forget you!

Johnny Dixon Brown


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