03 April, 2011


We hold these places to be sacred, for the most part they contain all that is us… our possessions, our photos, and our memories. They are never perfect, they may have cracks, and we may keep the doors locked to keep the bad people or, or us in… as Tim Minchin would put it. But the fact is, it is home.
I often wonder who once lived in homes such as the one shone here. I know someone once found shelter within these collapsing walls, I wonder if they are still around to walk among the ruins of their once sacred place. It is a sad thought, but at the same time there is something beautiful about the circle that is life. What was once someone’s haven is now shelter to the many creatures that roam the forest and need their own place to feel safe.

Inside the Door.

Inside the window.

This abandoned house is located on Airport Road outside Mendenhall, MS.


Mel said...

Oh, my love for the abandoned takes me down backroads and up through fields where there once was a road. I wonder similar things.
And once in a while I brave looking in the window. I do not step inside. I know it's still a home to someone or something....for which I'm grateful albeit a bit sad.

bfarr said...

Interesting shots and shadows. I too, wonder where these people are now.


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