26 April, 2011

Pine Trees

I was born in Jackson, Mississippi the largest city in the state, and by far probably the most rural capital or major city in any state.   In fact I have heard Jackson referred to as “the city in the woods,” because no matter where you are in the capital city, if you go to the top of the tallest buildings, you will see buildings poking out of the trees for miles.  

So needless to say trees make up a great portion of my world and why Mississippi does have a variety of trees, one species is more common than most others.   The Pine Tree is found throughout the state and has been a major source of industry in the area since Mississippi was a territory.   Pine trees are so imbedded in my mind that it seems alien when I am in a place where these trees are not found. 

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

So, let's see...if you were to wake up some morning in an alien place where there were no pine trees, one could say "You were up a tree without a pine!"

Just kidding.

Thanks for your comment on Ocala. Sounds like the Hurricane experience wasn't all that powerful...we were in South Florida when Andrew hit and blew most of that area into the sea. Not fun!

uncertainhorizon said...

I like that, "up a tree without a pine!"

I understand what you mean, Katrina destroyed our coast... just like Camille did back in '69. You all be safe! Hurricane season is around the corner.

magiceye said...

cool perspective


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