23 April, 2011


I’m always drawn to water; I guess it must be a family trait.   My mother and her father going back generations have always been found near water in some shape or form.  I see this trait being passed along to my nephew as well, I wonder if it is a learned trait or genetic.

I always find lakes, rivers and streams no matter where I visit, and Lake Waterloo was one of the more recent finds during my visit to Texas.  Half of the Lake is manicured and almost looks like a golf course water trap; the other half is wooded, wild, and beautiful.   I preferred the wild part, with the beautiful rocks, and trees… as well as the occasional snake swimming amongst the waves.



*ehu. said...

I understand how you feel! I love being near the water, most especially the ocean. I feel "claustrophobic" if I live away from the ocean.

Mel said...

Oh how can one not love the water!

And how can one not be enthralled by Mr. Snakey Snake! :-)


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