09 May, 2011

Higher Love

 I believe, truly there is a  higher love,
one that all others can not compare.
I believe it is one that can rise above,
a love that is true and fair.
Higher love will come to me,
perhaps only in a dream.
Either way it will set me free,
and false love it will redeem.
I know in my heart it does exist,
and it is something that I will find.
When I do it I will be unable to resist,
for it will be a love unlike any kind.
So until then I sit and wait,
for a love truly great.


texwisgirl said...

beautiful and touching...

Jacob said...

Very beautiful photo and poem...fortunately, I've found that higher love and we've been married 54 years (together 57 years)...I am profoundly grateful!

uncertainhorizon said...

Jacob, that is amazing!

JO said...

great shot! thanks for visiting my blog.


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