21 May, 2011

Hotel Art

Hotels tend to be the depository of most modern art, well the upper scale ones anyway.   I always find it interesting when I visit at what I find.  This particular sculpture can be found in the Embassy Suites at Highland Colony in Ridgeland.   I wonder what the artist had in mind when he created this piece, or what it is supposed to be.   I imagine depending on where you are standing it could be many things.  


texwisgirl said...

reminds me of a man flourishing his hand - perhaps like an orchestra conductor. :)

Mel said...

I was thinkin' he was tipping his hat. ;-)
Only.....no hat.
Maybe checking his bald spot! LOL


Jacob said...

There is no telling the mind of the "modern" artist. Which is why we have so many mindless artists! Nah, just kidding. Although sometimes I'm not sure there is any meaning to be had in some of their work! :-)

JO said...

that's why they called it art... makes you think what you see.


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