28 May, 2011

In Honor

Sherman, TX
Monday is Memorial Day, a day to remember those that gave their lives in honor of this country of ours.   We must honor them and never forget the sacrifice that they gave us, and we must not forget the men and women currently sacrificing everyday for our country.   We do however tend to forget the foreigners that gave their lives for our values, let us also honor the men and women who gave their lives for our country, though it was not their country to serve

These memorials are from different places… though they are all similar they all share a common status, they honor men and women who gave their lives in the armed forces of various different wars and battles.

Meridian, MS

Brandon, MS

Natchez, MS


Firefly said...

Happy Memorial Day to you all in the USA. Its always important to remember those who have given their lives to their contry.

texwisgirl said...

nice to be reminded not all who died for this country were US citizens. thank you.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiful tribute! Shine on!

Jacob said...

Imagine...no more war...


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