13 May, 2011

Pearl Flag

I personally created this flag when I noticed that the current flag for my hometown is not flown prominently.   I also wanted to design a flag that was deep in symbolism for the city rather than having a generic city flag with the city seal, this way Pearl, Mississippi can have a flag that rivals that of most cities within the state, one that we can all be proud of.   I submitted this for the consideration of the Mayor and the city Council, about a year ago and but have yet to hear anything.  Below is further explanation of the symbolism behind the flag.

The colors of the flag are Pearl’s traditional Blue and Gold.

The Canton is based on the Bonnie Blue flag that was one of the early flags flown in Mississippi when it was part of West Florida.  The Bonnie Blue Flag was also used as the Canton in the Original, “Magnolia Flag,”  that flew over the State of Mississippi until 1894.  Its inclusion is showing that the City of Pearl has a foothold in the history of the state.  The single gold star on the blue field shows that pearl is definitely a golden point within Mississippi’s history, and Pearl will continue to enrich the state.

I chose the non-traditional stripe pattern Alternating blue, gold, and white to differentiate the flag from both the Mississippi State Flag and the National Flag to show that Pearl is a city making its own future; it does however retain 13-Stripes to honor the original 13 colonies of the Untied States.  The striping is also similar to the blue and gold stripes currently in use on Pearl PD police interceptors.   


Rand said...

Well done!

texwisgirl said...

i like it! i hope it is still in the running!

uncertainhorizon said...

Awww, thank you both. I am not sure what is going on with it.


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