28 May, 2011

Stand Out

Sometimes it is good to stand out and just let yourself shine.  

Sometimes it is necessary to do this to feel like you are someone.

Because no matter how you feel, you are someone.

And that is why you are beautiful.

So stand out…

And just be yourself!


uncertainhorizon said...

if you know what kind of flower this is, please do tell!!!

texwisgirl said...

it is an indian paintbrush!

uncertainhorizon said...

thank you!

bfarr said...

Yes, embrace who you are. Nice capture.

Jacob said...

Nice, creative photo with a nice, creative post.

One caveat, though: If you're going to just be yourself you need to be prepared to face some folks who don't like what you are. If you can get past them, you've got it made.

I like the concept of self-approval...we have a tendency/need to seek approval from others - parents, teachers, or others we perceive as being "authorities."

Barb said it well: "...embrace who you are." You don't need to be approved by anyone except yourself!


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