28 June, 2011


Here I am on the cusp of a great adventure, an experiment to spread my wings and leave this place behind.   I’m unsure if I will ever return to this place other than to visit, I wonder what changes will occur in my absence.  I do know that this place continues to shock me with the things that I see and “discover.”  But soon this will be a distant place an abstract point on a map… a place of memories.

This is one of those shocking things; this Hindu Temple is located in Flowood, MS right off Old Fannin Road. It is classically Indian and something unique to my normally cookie-cutter area.   A funny note: the temple is located right next to the Shady Pines RV Park… I thought this was hilarious.

21 June, 2011


These cute babies are just under my carport.  They are not at all camera shy, and as you can see… even pose for photos. 

Babies are one of nature’s miracles, they are a sign that things will continue to go forward.  Every generation is hopefully an improvement upon the last, and a combination of all that made past generations great.

13 June, 2011


As a rule, we tend to forget to look at things from the perspective that we are above it and we are better than most.   We tend to do this at times individually and as a people in general. Sometimes we need to individually remind ourselves that in the scheme of things, we are in reality quite small. 

09 June, 2011

Random Igloo of Memories...

Places are not just places, places hold memories dear and when we see these places the memories are given back to us, as if from a dream.

Yes Mississippi has at least one igloo, and it is a place that holds many memories for me.   This is the place that is a treat to go, the best place in the area for catfish.  While this is a statement that is opinion, it is an opinion that is shared among many.   Birthdays, Random family gatherings, and even just the occasional dinner have been had by me and my loved ones since I was little in this very igloo.  I cherish these, and I add to them every time I make my way to the Igloo down on ’49.

Jerry’s Catfish House
Hwy 49 South
Florence, Mississippi  39073

08 June, 2011

West Florida

There isn’t too much that can be said about this photo, since the photo itself says a lot about Old West Florida.   Pearl, Mississippi is a few miles within the historical boundary of West Florida, and I have been a resident of what was once West Florida my entire life.    This will not change, as in less than a month, I will be a resident of current west Florida and what was considered the eastern boundary of Old West Florida.   I have accepted a new opportunity with my company, with my friends and families blessing… I will soon be relocating. 

06 June, 2011


I don’t like hospitals; in fact I detest them with every fiber of my being.   However, I do feel the need to write about this one in particular, this is the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.   I was born here and so were my mother, and many other members of my family.   I have seen too much of this place recently and I feel the need to write about it in hopes that it will appease the powers that be so that the universe rights itself and no one in my life has to enter  through it’s doors for a reason other than employment.   

 So let the appeasement begin.  

UMMC is one of the best hospitals in the state of Mississippi, and it is probably the only hospital that I trust.   While it isn’t perfect as most hospitals aren’t, but it is a bit different than most others in the area in that it is a teaching hospital.  This means that it is not run solely for profit, so it is one of the few hospitals that will work with you and offer reasonably attainable financial aid if you can not afford normal care.   (You see the fact that the American Healthcare system is a for-profit industry is something I find morbid and frightening… but that is a rant I’m not going to get into.) This hospital is the only level-1 trauma center in the state of Mississippi and has been the hospital of choice in my family for generations.  

I have seen a lot of this hospital recently, as my mother has been in and out of it since March.   It has been a long ordeal and we still have a long way to go, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  

04 June, 2011

Good Company

When you travel the road less traveled, do you not get dusty and hit by briars, or covered in poison ivy? Why is it that life seems to want you to travel the road that no one else really seems to want to travel, especially when you seem to be more fitted for the well-traveled road with all the five star hotels? Well I at least seem to be in good company.


I have many traditions that I adhere to; most for no reason other than it is just something that I like to do.   One of these traditions is that on my way to the coast, I always stop and eat at the Wards in Hattiesburg.  Wards is a small chain of restaurants located in Mississippi.  It is an enigma to me, because there isn’t one here in Jackson, the largest city in Mississippi.  Wards is famous for its “Big One” a burger with secret sauce and chili, it also is known for its homemade root beer.   I think the reason I am so fond of this restaurant, is that it is a Mississippi chain, something we can call ours.

03 June, 2011

We are all but Castles of Sand

Life can be like a castle of sand; built tall and sturdy and all it takes is one wave and it is over.   Yes it can be rebuilt, but not the same.   I was walking on Biloxi beach yesterday on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, and occasionally I would come across a bed of barnacle incrusted bricks.   It took me a moment to realize that these were what remains of the businesses that once lined Beach Boulevard in Gulfport and Biloxi… all hat remains six years after Hurricane Katrina completely washed them away like they were a tiny sand castle on the beach.  


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