09 June, 2011

Random Igloo of Memories...

Places are not just places, places hold memories dear and when we see these places the memories are given back to us, as if from a dream.

Yes Mississippi has at least one igloo, and it is a place that holds many memories for me.   This is the place that is a treat to go, the best place in the area for catfish.  While this is a statement that is opinion, it is an opinion that is shared among many.   Birthdays, Random family gatherings, and even just the occasional dinner have been had by me and my loved ones since I was little in this very igloo.  I cherish these, and I add to them every time I make my way to the Igloo down on ’49.

Jerry’s Catfish House
Hwy 49 South
Florence, Mississippi  39073


texwisgirl said...

a very distinctive building - glad the food is good! :)

Jacob said...

It would be hard to miss if you're going down Highway 49 South!

Glad you've had so many fulfilling culinary experiences there.

I've never eaten catfish. Those darn stingers get me every time I stick one of their heads in my mouth!


Mama Zen said...

That is wild!

Mel said...

Okay.....very cool! (no pun intended!)

Firefly said...

Very interesting (yet unusual) and always nice to have lots of good memories in a place

bfarr said...

Very interesting piece of architecture.


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