30 August, 2011

My Salt Life

Rising from the dunes bordering the Gulf of Mexico lays a city, an impossible city competing with a larger city that shares part of its name.   Panama City Beach is the city that I speak of, a city for tourists one would say.  This is the city where I have settled a city bordering the emerald colored waters of the gulf that provides the salt water and scents the breeze with the ocean.  I am adapting well to the life of the USA’s third lesser mentioned coast. The Gulf has become an important part of my life I love to walk in the surf looking for beautiful shells, and I long to swim in the salty water looking at the creatures that call the Gulf of Mexico home…. My home… with my new salty life.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Oh, but it's a lovely place--when it's void of tar balls that remind us of the ruin of greed.
Well---reminds ME of the ruin of greed.

Welcome to your new home--salty life and all.

What a gorgeous place to land.......


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