21 September, 2011

Electric Blue

As the storms rage in your heart the thunder echoes in your voice the electric blue of the lightning reflects through your eyes. 

These images were captured with my Blackberry Curve… yes… with my phone.   I have not edited these images as I occasionally do.   I took them tonight as I walked west along Panama City Beach.  The storms raging in the distance towards Seaside and Destin were bathing my world in a beautiful occasional splash of Electric Blue.
©2011 J.G.W. Blakeney all rights reserved.

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14 September, 2011


Lady Louise

Ships and boats fascinate me perhaps only second to airplanes.  This particular beauty was docked in Apalachicola, FL.   I loved her name, the “Lady Louise,”   while I am sure she was named for a famous “Louise”   such as Lady Louise Windsor; however, Louise is a name often repeated among women in my family…  so I immediately associated it with them.

11 September, 2011


September 11, 2001 a day that will forever be remembered as a moment in time where it all changed.   Not just for the American people who were attacked during peacetime on their own soil, but for those affected by the repercussions that spread thereafter like ripples in a pond. From New York to London all the way to Kabul, Bagdad and Abbottabad, this chilly morning ten years ago was the moment that everything changed. 

  Today I remember the heroes that lost their lives, and all the men and women of all nations that continue to fight in the War on Terror.   I also thank all the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to ensure the safety of all of us from firemen to police all the way to EMTs and TSA.   Thank you.  

My words will forever pale to express the sorrow and horror of that chilly morning ten years ago.  I wrote this poem in the aftermath of that fateful day, and ten years later I feel it still expresses my thoughts and feelings.   Bless America and her allies.


We will never be the same, they have seen to that.
They have broken our hearts, but not our spirit.
For once again we stand a nation united.

United under God.
United under freedom.
United Under courage.
United under the great banner adorned with stars and stripes.

Forever we will stand one nation indivisible.
They may try, but they can not take that away!


(These photos are from the 9-11 memorial in Panama City, FL. All Images and Words ©2011 J.G.W. Blakeney)

09 September, 2011

A Rose

Love is a lot like a rose.   So beautiful and sweet, and so fragile that it needs to be kept safe by thorns.   Too often we allow our love to be displayed for the world, and soon we are left with just a fragment of the beauty that once was.  Perhaps we should keep our love bound to us and safe from the torment that the world can provide… safe just for our own enjoyment… that is the safe way.     No… Perhaps I am wrong, maybe the best thing to do is to make it able to stand the tests of time, only then will it forever be just as beautiful as it was the day it first sprouted.  

07 September, 2011

Beat Still

The wind off the water blows through the trees,
Beat still my heart for we know what is to come.
I sit in the warmth of the sun with the birds flying free,
Beat still my heart for we are waiting for none.
I watch the crabs scurry at the waters edge,
Beat still my heart for you may very well break.
The waves lap at the waters edge enticing,
Beat still my heart for you are not weak.
I see the water stretch as far as the eye can see,
Beat still my heart we will soon be free.
I listen to the sound of the wind in the moss,
Beat still my heart we will know not loss.
Beat still.
Beat still.

06 September, 2011

Different Prospective

I like to look at things from a different prospective; I see beauty where others potentially would not.  Take this photo for example; many people would take a photo of the pier from the top or side, me I kinda like this view.

03 September, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

Although it is just a tropical storm, Lee is affecting the weather from here all the way back home to Mississippi.   The rain has been off and on all day today, leading to me spending a good portion of the day wet. Lee also provided a chance for me to see some massive waves come ashore at the Panama City Beach County Pier.  I must say, I am not as brave as the people standing close to the water, these waves can sweep one out to sea in a heartbeat!


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