26 October, 2011

Thunderous Silence


Sometimes your world is turned on its head, but not always does this mean a bad thing.   Every ending is a chance to begin anew, it is up to you to seize the opportunity and make the best of it.

WonderWorks in Panama City Beach is a perfect example of this, the outside is a building turned on its head… but the inside is a place of learning made fun for children everywhere. 

11 October, 2011

A Thing of Beauty

Things happen for a reason there are times when it looks like you can’t really see the reason… but then you are suddenly face to face with what you’re looking for.  

06 October, 2011

Trail Blazer

Falling into formation is the easiest thing to do, to do what all the others are doing.  It allows for no thought or creativity on your part, you see what others do and you imitate.   I refuse to live this way; I believe that it is important to follow your heart.  The adventures that you have will make it worth all the uncertainty and fear.   If you are unwilling to blaze a new trail, there will be no new trails for people to follow.  

05 October, 2011


We tend to focus on the moment, how bad things always happen to us.  We never step back to look and see who we become when we are faced with seeming insurmountable obstacles.   We become a thing of beauty, something to be admired.

Ave Maria

04 October, 2011

The Venezellos

Sitting in the small seaside town of Apalachicola lays a boat, I am unsure of the history of this boat except its name, the Venezellos.  It reminded me of the SS Hurricane Camille, a shrimp boat that washed up in Gulfport, Mississippi during the infamous 1969 storm and lasted until after Katrina when it was removed.   Considering the amount of disrepair, I doubt that this boat will remain in the city for much longer, unless someone steps up to save it.

Change of Seasons

The air grows cooler and the wind changes directions, the leaves on the trees change color and fall from their posts.   Fall is definitely in the air and soon the world will become a bit darker and the chill will once again bite to the bone.  

In just a few weeks the darkness will become festive as we embrace the things that frighten us and we celebrate moving through the cold and dark to the warmth that comes with spring.  


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