26 November, 2011


We often avoid endings we are too afraid at what they represent.  However endings can be just as beautiful as the beginnings that are to come. 

19 November, 2011


Simple, basic, made up of the same things as every other thing… however totally unique at the same time.

This Pollock-Esque splatter painting was done specifically for postcrossing.  I wanted to do something different, and this is something that could never be duplicated exactly.

This is Postcrossing: US-1411258

18 November, 2011

Shimmering Reflection

Reflections shimmer in the water adding a touch of magic to all that it captures. These fleeting moments mirrored on the calm abyss distorted as the wind ripples across the surface. 

16 November, 2011

Underneath It All

Walking along the Blackwater River in Milton, FL you cross underneath the US90 Bridge.   This is the side that you don’t always see on bridges that cross water, we tend to keep to the top side of those.   However I love the perspective it offers, a glimpse of something different. 

Silent Whirl

15 November, 2011

Carpe Diem

The world is ours for the taking; we can not just sit by and let life pass us by!  We must keep looking bravely forward and walk un-wavering into the uncertain horizon.   We must not forget the problems and joys of the past; they are a part off us.  However there are new adventures to be had and we must take them all as they come.  

14 November, 2011

Flying High

Flying solo isn’t as easy as it looks, people watch you soar in amazement.  But when their eyes are turned, you come crashing down with a thud… the trick is to dust yourself off, and take back to the clouds. 

13 November, 2011

Figuring It Out

So, I came across where a stream meets the ocean. Though the sand looked solid through the water, I lifted my pants legs and stepped in to cross. No! the sand and water bogged me to my knees, so I had to backtrack and find another way around. Now I am at the other side a little sandier and wetter... And a bit cold. But I made it. Now to do this on a larger scale.

02 November, 2011

Find the Color

The world is filling with color, the leaves are turning and the shades of green are slowly being replaced with different hues.   I’m familiar with this cycle, it is one that continues on and on through our lives… and in us as well; we all grow through cycles, some more beautiful than others.


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