31 August, 2011


When can you hope to be one,
When you forget to be a pawn,
You never know what can come to be,
When you finally realize you are free,
It is then that you can find,
The truth that can be so kind,
In the touch of grace can be found,
The loss of despair that once bound,
Out of the darkness you must trudge,
Into the beauty that only you will embrace.

Standing Tall

As a social people we tend to have to learn that we often have to stand alone.   It is not an easy lesson to learn, the waves crash around us and it can be scary and sometimes we do slip into the turmoil. When this happens we must flight our way back onto our little island and stand as tall and majestic as we possibly can, and stare down at every wave that comes our way. 

The Silence

30 August, 2011

For the Birds

This Egret and many Gulls feed from the waters where the Gulf of Mexico meets Saint Andrews Bay in the waters between Shell Island and Saint Andrews State Park. 

My Salt Life

Rising from the dunes bordering the Gulf of Mexico lays a city, an impossible city competing with a larger city that shares part of its name.   Panama City Beach is the city that I speak of, a city for tourists one would say.  This is the city where I have settled a city bordering the emerald colored waters of the gulf that provides the salt water and scents the breeze with the ocean.  I am adapting well to the life of the USA’s third lesser mentioned coast. The Gulf has become an important part of my life I love to walk in the surf looking for beautiful shells, and I long to swim in the salty water looking at the creatures that call the Gulf of Mexico home…. My home… with my new salty life.

29 August, 2011

Little Eyes

The same is true in Florida as it was in Mississippi and is anywhere on Earth… You are never alone.  Lurking in the trees, brush, and the water are little eyes.  You are always being watched so always be aware of your surroundings.

This Gator was stalking me and other food items at the aptly named “Gator Lake” in Saint Andrews State Park just outside Panama City Beach.  I have seen these magnificent creatures in nature many times in the past; they never cease to demand respect and awe.

24 August, 2011


Pelicans rest after a long day of foraging for food in the wild areas of Florida.   They overlook Saint Andrews Bay from a pier silently basking in the evening sun.  Sometimes I feel like one of these pelicans, no matter what I may go at life alone… I am never really alone.   When it is time for me to bask in the sun and reflect, I will do so with those closest to me.  

09 August, 2011


Sunsets, the end of the day and the beginning of darkness.  The time of Limbo where the light is fading and the sky is filled with colors not seen during the bright of day or the darkness of night. 

08 August, 2011

Into the Light

Life can be full of obstacles and at times it can be difficult to see the light through the darkness.   Suddenly, when you least expect it, the sun peaks around and guides you down the path that you were meant to take… the path into the light.


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