24 January, 2012

Back to the Start...

Through our lives we encounter endings constantly, whether it is just the end of a day or something much larger.  We must take the chance to embrace these endings, they may be something sad… however, in the same sense they can be immensely beautiful. 

16 January, 2012

Washed Away...

Life can be as turbulent as the seas on a windy day; strong currents can take you away from familiar shores.  In July life currents carried me far away from my home of Mississippi to the beautiful Florida panhandle.  I never expected to me washed away so soon, but later this month I will find myself well away from Florida’s Emerald Coast or Mississippi’s familiar trails… I will find myself in North Carolinas piedmont, new territory to explore.

07 January, 2012

What We Become...

At some time we look back at what we have left behind a twisted mass of beautiful controlled chaos that is our life.  We see the beauty that lies within, the vibrant hues that make us who we are.

05 January, 2012

From Above

Looking down, it all seems small and insignificant.

Who are we to claim all of this?

We just borrow it….

We need to respect it.

Before it is taken back from us.

03 January, 2012

My Florida

This is a view of Florida's Emerald Coast from my eyes through just a few of my favourite photos from 2011.


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