18 March, 2012

Find the Color

The trees are bare, but the air is starting to warm.  The trees are slowing awakening from their long winter sleep.   Back home in Mississippi the trees are never as bare as I have seen them here in North Carolina.   When I first arrived, I commented that they looked dead.  I was soon informed that it was just “seasons” and that it is normal for trees not to have leaves during the winter.  In Mississippi the leaves did fall however the pine trees stayed green all year, here the pine trees are not near as numerous and the world is lacking in that magical hue. 

Lately however hints of color are poking through, not just green…. But pink, white and purple.  The trees are flowering well before they have leaves it is a wonderful surprise for a world that has been grey since my arrival. 

1 comment:

TexWisGirl said...

hey! you removed word verification! hurray!!! :)

glad your new world is awakening there. i bet it will be lush and beautiful for summer...


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