30 April, 2012

Ancorā impāro

 I’ve gone through a lot in the past year, I ended up some place I would have never guessed would be a place for me to be.   Here are some things that I’ve learned in the past year believe me this is not all inclusive.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and no matter how you want to help the best help is just being there.

When one door closes another one opens, it just takes you looking to see it.

Never underestimate the stupidity of people as some will let their kids swim in the surf of a tropical storm with waves that hit the bottom of a 20 ft high pier, while the red signals are flying.

Take the scenic route home, it may be longer… but the stars are prettier.

Some family is by birth… some family is forged in fire.

It is possible to idolize someone for their good traits and recognize the bad traits… and accept them for what they truly are.

Opportunity comes where and when you least expect it and can change your life. 

Soul mates do exist and you can fall madly in love with them… and have to acknowledge that the timing is wrong and you can’t be together just yet.

Sometimes things that are too good to be true really are… however not always.

The amount of time that it takes someone to etch themselves on your heart can vary from a short amount of time to an inconceivable amount of time.

Children can speak words with such truth that it can make you cry.

The ocean is a powerful living being that can humble you in your most prideful moments, and it can cleanse you of all that is troubling you… and it can take your very life away… all in an instant.

It is possible to love again when you never thought that it would be possible.

The past year has been an adventure and it is no where near over… I am still learning. 

(Images representing the three states I have lived in this year.   Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina.) 

15 April, 2012


The darkness can be suffocating robbing you of everything that you hold dear.  It can be so dark and despair so overwhelming that it seems that there is no way out.   I lost a friend to this darkness and it is a darkness myself have found myself inside.  A deep dark inky place of tears and hopelessness, but no matter how dark it seems… there is a way out.  No matter how bad things seem, it will always get better.  Things go in a wheel time pushes us along and soon we will stumble from the darkness into the light and wonder why we stayed so long trapped in despair.  

You just have to keep hope that you will find out way on the trail to the light.

Keep hope…

Just hope.

It is all you need.


14 April, 2012

Echoes of Angels

Here I am caught in the rush,
Caught doing things against my heart.
I wonder why things happen the way they do,
Sometimes you have no choice.

You can fight against the push,
Even when things seem to break apart.
Counting yourself among the few,
Speaking without a voice.

Moving with the flow,
Because the current is to strong.
Going back is not an option,
Inside the rapids you must churn.

You must allow yourself to grow,
Knowing that you could be wrong.
Knowing that it could be the hearts concoction,
Waiting for angels to return.

the road less traveled

Sometimes you walk the road less traveled. You leave it all behind for no rhyme or reason.  None at all.  

No reason for why you’re drawn away.

Except fate.


I was destroyed… alone, beyond hope….


Fate brought me here, on a road not considered.



A mirror? Heartache?




11 April, 2012

Reflections are Protections

Sometimes reflections can be distorted, not a true representation of what it is reflecting… but the truth can be seen in the reflection.  Is it really as distorted as you believe.

Silent Path

08 April, 2012

What is Love

Love is a complex emotion that is hard to describe.

It is an Unwillingness to let someone fall… to see them hurt, to see them cry.

It is a Willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure that they continue to smile.

It is an insurance policy, maybe not for you…  but for you to them.

It is a road… the road is best traveled with the one you love… but sometimes you go solo.

It is the greatest feeling you can ever feel at any given time… however it can also be the worst feeling you can ever feel at any given time… and on top of that… at the same time.

Love…  just is.

You can’t change it when it happens… Love is a river you get caught in the current and you just have to let it guide you where it goes.

07 April, 2012

Water Through Time

Water drips down the bottle, 
Slowly moving through time.
Time doesn’t slow, even for the lowly. 

Loneliness spreads like the water, engulfing my entire soul. 
Darkness takes it’s toll as the clock ticks on.
Time moves and doesn’t slow. The darkness drips into my very essence
Polluting my thoughts, and souring my dreams.

Time moves darkness flows, loneliness takes root.
I drip down the glass moving through time, wishing it would slow, but it never will, not for me… not for you… not for water.

06 April, 2012


Hanging in the window of The Green Bean in downtown Greensboro hang a flock of paper cranes; I am unsure as to why they hang, I assume it could be in honor of those affected a year ago in Japan.

(Title Translation: Perseverance is strength.)

05 April, 2012

Felis qui nihil debet

There are people that come into your life that you know without a doubt you would bend the heavens for.  No thinking, no hesitation, they ask and suddenly the word, “yes,” falls from your lips without a single regret.   Loyalty like no other… something rare and beautiful in itself.

03 April, 2012

Something Beautiful

From the darkness and the debris of that lost...  come a new arising… reaching for the light.   Something beautiful. 


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