30 April, 2012

Ancorā impāro

 I’ve gone through a lot in the past year, I ended up some place I would have never guessed would be a place for me to be.   Here are some things that I’ve learned in the past year believe me this is not all inclusive.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and no matter how you want to help the best help is just being there.

When one door closes another one opens, it just takes you looking to see it.

Never underestimate the stupidity of people as some will let their kids swim in the surf of a tropical storm with waves that hit the bottom of a 20 ft high pier, while the red signals are flying.

Take the scenic route home, it may be longer… but the stars are prettier.

Some family is by birth… some family is forged in fire.

It is possible to idolize someone for their good traits and recognize the bad traits… and accept them for what they truly are.

Opportunity comes where and when you least expect it and can change your life. 

Soul mates do exist and you can fall madly in love with them… and have to acknowledge that the timing is wrong and you can’t be together just yet.

Sometimes things that are too good to be true really are… however not always.

The amount of time that it takes someone to etch themselves on your heart can vary from a short amount of time to an inconceivable amount of time.

Children can speak words with such truth that it can make you cry.

The ocean is a powerful living being that can humble you in your most prideful moments, and it can cleanse you of all that is troubling you… and it can take your very life away… all in an instant.

It is possible to love again when you never thought that it would be possible.

The past year has been an adventure and it is no where near over… I am still learning. 

(Images representing the three states I have lived in this year.   Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina.) 


TexWisGirl said...

i am grateful for the hopefulness in this post. you can see past pain and heartache and look forward to life. i hope we can all continue to learn. :)

Mel said...

You are wisened beyond your years.

Life is for living and loving--and it seems to me you're doing flourishing well.

And the year ain't up yet! :-)

dona said...

I also am happy to see this particular post today. Been following for a while, and love to view your pics, this however touched me in a way only someone who is or has gone through something can understand. I hope you are as hopeful as you sound in the post and are doing well and thank you as it helped me step a bit further in my journey.

bfarr said...

Keep learning,Grant. You are doing just fine.

Lowell said...

Maybe you should write a book about your experiences; you've obviously had a lot of them and do have a gift for putting words together?



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