14 April, 2012

Echoes of Angels

Here I am caught in the rush,
Caught doing things against my heart.
I wonder why things happen the way they do,
Sometimes you have no choice.

You can fight against the push,
Even when things seem to break apart.
Counting yourself among the few,
Speaking without a voice.

Moving with the flow,
Because the current is to strong.
Going back is not an option,
Inside the rapids you must churn.

You must allow yourself to grow,
Knowing that you could be wrong.
Knowing that it could be the hearts concoction,
Waiting for angels to return.


Jo said...

What lovely words, Grant. I too have been caught in something I didn't to do for the past eight weeks. Today I dug my heels in and have extricated myself from the situation. I trust you are well? Blessings, Jo

Grant Blakeney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grant Blakeney said...

I am ok. I hope all is well for you too, It is always good to hear from you!!!

Mel said...

I love the title and the written work--even if I don't like being in that position.

There's that breakfree-hopefilled moment that comes. And it does come....


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