08 April, 2012

What is Love

Love is a complex emotion that is hard to describe.

It is an Unwillingness to let someone fall… to see them hurt, to see them cry.

It is a Willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure that they continue to smile.

It is an insurance policy, maybe not for you…  but for you to them.

It is a road… the road is best traveled with the one you love… but sometimes you go solo.

It is the greatest feeling you can ever feel at any given time… however it can also be the worst feeling you can ever feel at any given time… and on top of that… at the same time.

Love…  just is.

You can’t change it when it happens… Love is a river you get caught in the current and you just have to let it guide you where it goes.


*ehu. said...

Beautiful post! Very thought provoking! However, after reading the title, I couldn't help but not sing in my head, "...baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!"

Grant Blakeney said...

I did the same thing.

Lowell said...

Love is many things, as you've noted. Falling in love is something else - an emotional moment which may or may not last.

I've been married for almost 55 years, and I think a lot of love has to do with commitment. It's less of an emotion than a choice to care no matter the problems that arise in a lifetime.


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