07 April, 2012

Water Through Time

Water drips down the bottle, 
Slowly moving through time.
Time doesn’t slow, even for the lowly. 

Loneliness spreads like the water, engulfing my entire soul. 
Darkness takes it’s toll as the clock ticks on.
Time moves and doesn’t slow. The darkness drips into my very essence
Polluting my thoughts, and souring my dreams.

Time moves darkness flows, loneliness takes root.
I drip down the glass moving through time, wishing it would slow, but it never will, not for me… not for you… not for water.


TexWisGirl said...

a lot of pain here. i am sorry, grant.

Lowell said...

Your poetic soul is showing. Some pain in all of that. A wonderful shower of words, though!


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