03 July, 2012


Machines have always fascinated me.   From the lowly workhorse car to the space shuttle, machines have entered our lives relatively fast and changed our world.  Personally I am one of the most mechanically dysfunctional people on the planet, though I have improved a bit over the years, I am still just bound by fascination and amazement that a hunk of metal placed together in such a way can do so much. 

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Lowell said...

I think I could have written this post. And now I've got all this technology to contend with. Lois and I were discussing how complicated things have gotten...and I kind long for the days when you went into a store looking for something, say a vacuum cleaner, and you had two choices - Hoover and Electrolux. That's it. Period. Take your pick. Pay your money. Go home. No biggie. :-)


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