17 February, 2013


Emotions can flow like a river, coming from no where and engulfing all that is you.   I myself have experienced this first had the last month and a half since I lost my Grandma.   Grief is a difficult emotion to describe and it comes intermittently. 

04 February, 2013

When Ya Gotta Go...

Sometimes, you just have to smile and let go of what is serious.


There is nothing like the love of a faithful companion.  Someone that will adore you and see through all of your faults, someone to be there and cuddle you just when you need it the most.  Nothing like unconditional love…. Be it feline, canine, or any other variety, our pets offer us something so precious that it must be cherished. 

03 February, 2013


Scenery changes from one season to the next and even depending on where you stand.  If you ever feel like you’re surrounded by the same scenery and you need a change, maybe you should just walk ten feet to the left. 


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