17 February, 2013


Emotions can flow like a river, coming from no where and engulfing all that is you.   I myself have experienced this first had the last month and a half since I lost my Grandma.   Grief is a difficult emotion to describe and it comes intermittently. 


Lowell said...

Grieving can be a long process. It depends on the person and about the source of the grief. Sometimes it is good to talk to a professional counselor to help work through the grief.

I have no immediate relatives left except for a sister. A few cousins, but they don't count for much. My parents have been gone a long time and my grandparents much longer. It's strange but I still grieve for our Golden Retriever whom we lost a year and a half ago.

The pain does ease with time, tho.

Mel said...

Bit like that gorgeous photo--trickle here, trickle there....cascades crashing... A day at a time, it gets different. But for today, it's okay to feel everything you feel.


TexWisGirl said...

grief comes in waves. for years. and the smallest thing can trigger the next. don't fight it. it will get better with time.


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