07 May, 2014


A tree showing the aftermath of a storm. 
So much loss, limbs and leaves; time to take account of what remains and figure out how to begin again. 


Lowell said...

'Tis a beautiful photo. Storms can do a lot of damage but sometimes they're nature's way of cleaning things up. :) All in all, though, I'd prefer not to experience them.

Linda said...

Lovely image. Sad that storms can sometimes do this.

Turenne said...

Every gesture is a movement against death
~ Rudolf von Laban
- See more at: http://www.artpreneuredancequotes.com/2014/06/european-hungary-culture-gesture.html#sthash.1EJCQgOr.dpuf

Victoria said...

Deeply beautiful in words, meaning and art..gorgeous and poetic and touching!Wonderful to visit you again!


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