16 May, 2015

Grapevine Lake

I have lived in Texas since late 2012,   I have had the chance in that time to do some exploring and my frequent flights have given me a chance to see first hand that for the entire time I have been here the lakes have all been well below their banks.   I have never visited a lake in the Dallas area that wasn't in water conservation, it was always strange to see the eroded original shoreline and then walk down to the current shore line.  Well after the storms of the last few weeks, that has changed dramatically.   I've seen more thunderstorms in the past month than in my entire time in Texas.  And as you can see, Grapevine Lake, is well above it's banks... a dramatic lesson in extremes. 


10 May, 2015


You've got to go out and explore... you can't see the wonders of the world if you don't leave the comfort of what you know. 


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